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What problems should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of the automatic computer mattress quilting machine?

October 30, 2021

1. First of all, the power ground wire of the fully automatic computer mattress quilting machine must be grounded independently, and shall not be mixed with the "zero" wire in the power supply.


2. Do not open computer components and frequency converter at will. If there is any fault in this aspect, please contact the manufacturer in time, and the manufacturer or its agent will send personnel to repair it.


3. When the machine is working, pay attention to whether there is abnormal sound. If there is abnormal sound, stop the machine in time, and work again after finding out the cause and eliminating it.


4. Ensure the stability of the input voltage. If necessary, configure a voltage regulator to ensure the normal operation of the electrical components of the machine.


5. In case of temporary power failure during the normal quilting process, the power switch of the computer and electrical box shall be shut down in time, and the setting parameters shall be reconfirmed after the connection, and the machine head and frame shall be returned to the starting point position, and then the machine shall be started.


6. When pulling out or installing the clamping frame, check whether the needle is in the high position to avoid roughening the fabric.


7. All belts on the machine shall not be stained with oil. If any oil is found on the surface of the belt, it shall be cleaned in time.


8. If the working environment of the fully automatic computer mattress quilting machine exceeds the specified requirements, the tension of the synchronous belt will change significantly, and the electrical components will be unstable. At this time, the machine may appear abnormal phenomenon. Please strictly monitor the change of working environment requirements.