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Correct debugging method of single needle computerized quilting quilt machine

October 30, 2021

1. Power supply test of quilting machine

First plug in the power supply to the quilting machine and check whether the power supply is normal. The general voltage is 220V ± 10%. Then turn on the switch of the main machine. After the main machine is powered on, the indicator light will be on, and the display will display the quilting parameter operation interface at the same time.


2. State test

The display shows the parameter operation interface. We can see a small red cross point in the upper left or right corner of the pattern, which represents the position of the starting point. You can test the functions of the keyboard and the host on the keyboard (Note: do not turn on the power on the motor).


3. Motor and sensor test

First, we push the crossbeam and the head to the middle of the quilting machine, then click the green power button, observe whether the stepping motor is powered on, click the F9 system test on the keyboard, use the (←) (→) (↑) (↓) key on the keyboard to test the front and back (longitudinal) movement of the crossbeam, left and right (transverse) movement of the head, and ensure that the direction on the keyboard is consistent with the movement direction of the crossbeam head For example, press the (←) key to check whether the head moves to the left, and press the (↓) key to check whether the beam moves downward. If it is necessary to adjust the power cord from the corresponding step motor to the driver in the electric cabinet on the contrary, it is OK to change the three power cords connecting the step motor to two directions at will on the corresponding driver. If the longitudinal and transverse directions are opposite (for example, press the (→) key beam to walk, press the (↑) head to walk), exchange the signal plugs on the two drivers with each other. After the longitudinal and lateral alignment, press F9 to test the turning direction of the machine head (it means that the synchronous wheel rotates counterclockwise on the right side of the machine. If the direction is reversed, change any two of the three power lines on the three-phase motor of the frequency converter, and the direction can be changed. So far, the direction, signal and function of the three motors are normal.